%Plus Size Clothing & Fashion%Plus Size Women
%Plus Size Clothing & Fashion%Plus Size Women

Let's Get to WOrk!

Crafting an engaging, thoughtful and actionable stories isn’t easy. Luckily, it’s something I love to do and I can do it for you. Whether that’s taking on your writing content development needs or working with your brand across my digital and social channels, I want to help YOU tell your find your audience and tell your story.

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Writing & Content Creation

How can you connect with your audience, help with SEO AND establish brand voice and expertise? GIRL, hire a content writer! Marketing experts agree content is king and with my combination of 10 years of public relations experience and editorial chops, I can tell YOUR story. I specialize in healthcare and lifestyle.

%Plus Size Clothing & Fashion%Plus Size Women
%Plus Size Clothing & Fashion%Plus Size Women
I don't know what my story is

Content strategy

Think about your favourite brands & celebrities, what about them resonates with you? Their stories. You need a content strategy. It’s not just about knowing what to post, but why are you posting? How does this content help your brand or engage your audience? A content strategy is an integral part of your marketing strategy.

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Brand Partnerships & Collaborations

I am not an influencer (I’m just not that cool haha) but if you want to create engaging, impactful brand stories with a call to action? Let’s chat! My tribe are fierce and fabulous career women, ages 25-34, who are looking for brands and products to make their lives better.

%Plus Size Clothing & Fashion%Plus Size Women

Here is what Happy Clients say...

“We love your work, you’re right on brand and we love working with you!”

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