Plus size thigh high boots

The Best Plus Size Thigh High Boots

There’s pretty much no other shoe that is universally as accepted as a bad b*tch shoe than the thigh high boot. Every fall and winter, all women break out their favourite above the knee styles to slay the cold weather. And every year, like clockwork, we are scrambling to find plus size thigh high boots. Because of pandemic and my pledge to be more thoughtful in my shopping (not to mention my lounge wear obsession)  I haven’t bought any boots this year. HOWEVER, I am still eyeing a few pairs this season.

versatile thigh high boots for plus size legs

You know on this blog we’re all about versatile pieces you can wear anywhere. Thigh high boots are one of those pieces. You can go classic, you can go edgy, you can do a going out look. I opted for a casual look and paired older thigh high boots from UrbanOG. I bought these for ~$50 before many companies were catering to wide calves and thighs. These are super stretchy, fairly comfortable and have held up well for almost a decade. The distressed trucker jacket is another one I’ve had forever, and I love the length and fit. Under the jacket) I have on a black oversized turtleneck. These simple and chic outfits are so easy to throw on when you have your wardrobe basics on hand.


  • Know The Measurements: Wide calf boots generally have a calf circumference of at least 16″ (or 40.6cm), but brands can vary. You should ALWAYS measure your calves at the beginning of every boot season and pay attention to both the published brand measurements AND to the stretchiness of the shaft fabric

  • Learn Your Body Shape: My calves measure about 18-19″ and I tend to be able to fit most wide calf boots (and some standard, depending on the elasticity) – HOWEVER, I have huge thighs, so even if they fit my calves, I have to watch out for the thighs

  • Shop Around: If you find your calf is above the 16-19″ mark, shops like Lane Bryant, SimplyBe, Torrid and Woman Within carry extra wide up to 22″ – however, they rarely have true thigh-high boots and I find the styles to be very limiting (just my 2 cents)

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Where to buy wide calf thigh high boots

Thank God we have more options since I bought these boots years ago, and at a variety of price points. For plus size women, I recommend spending a bit more on your shoes is for better quality (especially with heels). You can definitely get a great pair of wide calf boots for under $100. I am sharing a few options below:

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