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Fall Staple: Plus Size Moto Jacket

Fall is my favourite season. Period. If you’re a fashion girl, chances are, you love Fall, too. There’s something about the crisp air, the sweaters, plaid, tights. It’s the faux leather, for me – more specifically, a plus size moto jacket. Last year, I shared my favourite head-to-toe faux leather trend but this year I am going a little more minimalist and just going for a classic moto jacket. Moto jackets are really a year-round staple (depending on your local climate), so finding a really good one that fits well and makes you feel great is a must (IMHO).

Why You Need a Plus Size Moto Jacket

Here’s WHY you need a good plus size moto jacket…

…It’s one of the most versatile outerwear pieces: A moto jacket is crazy versatile; you can wear it for work, play or going out. Layer it with a sweater for a cold day or throw it over a t-shirt for a breezy day.

…It is the ultimate transitional piece: As in, transition times of day AND transitions seasons. Moto jackets can make any boring work outfit cocktail-ready. A moto jacket can also take your summer pieces easily into fall.

…It pulls any outfit together: A pair of jeans and a t-shirt goes from “basic” to “chic” just by adding your moto jacket. A moto jacket can really elevate your look.

I am a huge fan of a classic motorcycle silhouette jacket; but there are so many options these days. I am focusing on two silhouettes for your consideration: the classic moto shape and the trendier over-sized boyfriend fit.

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Back in MY day, us fashionable fat girls only had ONE option for our moto jackets: the classic silhouette in black. That’s what we got. That was all. THESE days, they have them in different colours and different styles. I am focusing on two styles that I am in LOVE with currently: the classic and the boyfriend style.

If you’re like me, you go back and forth. I love the classic style because it’s nice and fitted and is so chic and elegant. I really like the casual chic look of the boyfriend-style, as well. The boyfriend style can also be used to balance out a tighter fitted pant or dress

%Plus Size Clothing & Fashion%Plus Size Women


  • A classic motorcycle jacket is close-fitting, cropped at the natural waist or just below it and usually in black
  • The jacket looks amazing with just about anything, but if you tend to be more a “glamour” girl or dress more Parisian or NYC uptown chic, the classic style is for you
  • Classic moto jackets can be worn in most business casual settings with a pair of tailored trousers
  • Dress it up with dinner or drinks with a flirty floral dress, or throw jeans on for running errands
  • If your style leans more to streamlined, classic and feminine? The classic moto silhouette is for you


  • Do you consider yourself more of a Soho/downtown kind of girl?
  • Feel more comfortable with over-sized and/or statement pieces? Then the boyfriend silhouette moto jacket might be for you
  • Boyfriend style clothing is meant to mimic the over-sized cut of your boyfriend’s clothing (yes, it’s kinda sexist, I know)
  • The style is a lot more casual and slouchy and better suited for people who like a more streetwear look
  • I personally love this style of jacket because you can layer it over something tight and short, like a dress or a miniskirt and balance out those proportions
  • The boyfriend silhouette is just as chic as its classic cousin, IMHO
%Plus Size Clothing & Fashion%Plus Size Women


When it comes to staple pieces like moto jackets, I like to gently urge people to go for a more expensive and higher quality piece. The jacket I am wearing, for instance, is a real leather ribbed jacket from Sippos NYC (not currently available in plus sizes) it’s quite expensive, but it’s something you would wear for YEARS. If you want to a real leather jacket, there are some options out there, for sure. However, if you are looking for an affordable, faux leather option, I have a few down below for you to choose from:

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