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%Plus Size Clothing & Fashion%Plus Size Women
%Plus Size Clothing & Fashion%Plus Size Women


%Plus Size Clothing & Fashion%Plus Size Women

Hello lovelies! Fall is quickly turning into winter and I am scrambling to wear all of the cute stuff I bought at the top of the season. One trend that I refuse to let go of is a good plus size midi skirt. I actually featured the midi skirt in my Great Day SA TV segment from late October. And I stand by it! Midi skirts are universally flattering and can be dressed up and dressed down very easily. You can wear it to work, happy hour, date night, running errands. The midi skirt is one of the MOST versatile pieces in my wardrobe.

%Plus Size Clothing & Fashion%Plus Size Women

How (and Where) to find the Perfect Plus Size Midi Skirt

In case you’re wondering, Jess, where do I even BUY a midi skirt? Don’t worry babe, I’ve got your back! If you’re looking for affordable options, again, I got you! I have  included plus midi skirts at all price points and in sizes 12-26. To be honest and frank, the midi skirt I’m wearing in all of these photos is from Forever21. One of my best purchases this year.

I got it way back in JULY for under $20. Yes. Under $20 and it has been worth every penny. I’m glad I snapped it up when I did, because it sold out literally in a few days. They seem sot bring it back every few weeks/months, so be on the lookout for it. There are also loads of other options out there – check the bottom of this post for a ton of skirts up to a size 26W.

So, where do I buy my midi skirts? It depends on what my coins are looking like (ahem…) but for an affordable plus size midi skirt lewk, I have been LOVING NastyGal. Seriously. I think they came out with extended sizing last year and they have become a go-to for me for affordable plus size pieces. They only go up to a size US20 and the sizing is all over the place, but I still like it. For a pricier option, Anthropologie has some really good options. Life Hack: wait for a sale FIRST.

So what do I look for in a good plus size midi skirt? It’s a few simple things:

  1. One with a THICK elastic waistband, so it won’t slide up or down
  2. One in either a trumpet shape (slightly flared at the bottom) or a slight A-shape. This is because of my personal shape, TBH. I am bottom heavy and having a skirt that flares away at the bottom helps balance me out
  3. One that FITS. Please, please, buy a midi skirt that fits; even size up if you can. A slightly looser midi skirt will look good, especially if you want to tuck anything into the skirt

%Plus Size Clothing & Fashion%Plus Size Women

Go Forth and Wear Your Midi Skirt!

Of course, I am not leaving you without a couple of options for your very own midi skirt moment. Below are some cute options size 12-28 with LOTS of price points.

%Plus Size Clothing & Fashion%Plus Size Women

FTC: This post contains affiliate links.  Whenever you purchase something from one of these links, I earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. If you purchase items from one of the links, you help me continue to create great content for you! Thank you!

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