The BEST Plus Size Denim Shorts for the Summer

It is SUMMER Time! Break out those legs in a banging pair of plus size denim shorts

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that you cannot have hot girl summer without the proper pair of plus size denim shorts.

It’s just not possible.

I know shorts can be a very polarizing topic in the plus size community; many of us grew up afraid or ashamed to wear shorts, we worried about our legs and cellulite and how we would be perceived by our peers, etc. I totally get it. But girl, I am here to tell YOU: THEY GON’ GET THIS CELLULITE THIS SUMMER

I did the legwork and found some amazing plus size jean shorts. I have different price points, different styles, size inclusivity. Basically girl, I got you covered 😉

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Where to buy affordable plus size jean shorts

I have an entire list of online places to shop when you’re plus size, arranged by price point, BUT based on my very “scientific” research, here are the places I am seeing the best variety of plus size shorts:

  • Pretty Little Thing: LOTS of great options and they have been quietly expanding their sizes, so they not have options available up to a size 26
  • Boohoo: Similarly to PLT, they have also been expanding sizes in several categories, including denim and shorts
  • Target: I am really loving the Wild Fable collection at Target  – it’s well-priced and they usually have trendier styles then the other lines
  • Old Navy: Affordable styles that go up to a size 30!!!

The Three Types of Plus Size Denim I Am Going to be rocking this summer

  • Plus Size Boyfriend Shorts: Much like the casual chic feel of mom jeans (which Gen Z declared was back in style), boyfriends shorts are super relaxed and a bit retro. I love them (I’m wearing a pair from PLT below)
  • Plus Size Distressed Shorts: This should come as no surprise. Distressed denim is a staple at this point and super distressed shorts are perfect for day drinking LOL
  • Plus Size Bermuda Shorts: I hated bermuda shorts growing up LOL. That was all they had in extended sizing when I was a teen, so I just automatically hated them. Now? I love them!

There are plenty of other styles out there: paperbag shorts, high rise, midrise, acid wash, etc. You can really go all out with the shorts. If you need a little direction, scroll to the bottom of this post and I’ve got a huge list of shorts.

%Plus Size Clothing & Fashion%Plus Size Women

My Big Fat Guide of Plus size denim shorts you can buy in time for hot girl summer

I hope I’ve convinced you to show those legs this summer, and not worry what people think. In case you need a few body positive affirmations to get you in a good place for shorts season: check out my freebie!


I’ve got a ton of great options for you below in case you need to cop a pair of denim shorts for hot girl summer.

%Plus Size Clothing & Fashion%Plus Size Women

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