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Three Plus Size Business Casual Outfits You Can Wear This Spring

Returning to work? need some help? We've got some business casual inspo for you

So you haven’t been in the office in a long time, right? Girl. Same. I’ve been in sweatpants and loungewear since last spring. I might have even forgot how to put together looks and where to even find trendy plus size career wear. Many of my friends are returning to the office, and I hear the same thing over and over again, I don’t know what to wear to work! So I’m sharing a few easy-to-recreate plus size business casual looks that were my go-to when I still worked in corporate America.

A disclaimer: I worked in PR, and in the agency world, the dress code tends to be a little more lax and we can take more risks with our office attire. Having said that, make sure you know your office dress code and culture and make tweaks where appropriate. 

Plus Size Business Casual Idea #1: Printed Skirt & Elevated Tee

The tee-shirt gets a bad rep in the office world – unless you’re a developer or work from home, people usually frown upon wearing tee-shirts in the office. Let me introduce you to the elevated tee. An elevated tee usually has a little something *extra* to it that I think is perfect for the office. In this instance, the padded shoulder muscle tee. This silhouette blew up last year when the Frankie Shop released the OG version (which does NOT come in plus sizes). 

Since the muscle tee has an edgier/tough look, I like to add a feminine bottom to offset it. In this look, I added my fave Mara Hoffman floral midi skirt. This is the perfect spring office look – it’s cute, fun and an easy combination you can create over and over. 

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Plus Size Business Casual Outfit #2: Faux Leather Leggings & A Blazer

Who doesn’t LOVE a blazer and leggings combo? For an elevated casual look, I love to throw one of my vintage blazers over the top of my leggings or bike shorts.

Wearing leggings at work may be frowned upon, but I found a #Hack: plus size faux leather leggings. I love a good pair of faux leather leggings for work and play. For work, I like to pair them with a crisp white blouse and one of my vintage blazers. Comfy and chic, the perfect combo.

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Business Casual Outfit #3: An Elevated Tee and Relaxed Trousers

Finding affordable, comfy and flattering work trousers when you’re plus size can be tough (scroll to the bottom, I have some great options!), but the good thing about a pair of great work trousers is that you can wear them with just about anything and create endless looks. 

This look features another version of the elevated tee: a ribbed t-shirt. In the last few years, I’ve replaced all of my plain coloured t-shirts with these ribbed versions from Target, which I love. They’re high quality, super affordable and really make any outfit look 10X better. 

Pair your elevated tee with some simple trousers and switch it up with a blazer one day, a long duster the next and then a denim jacket for Fridays. The options are limitless.

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Where to shop for business casual clothing when you're plus size

%Plus Size Clothing & Fashion%Plus Size Women

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