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How to Create Fail-Proof Chic, Casual Plus Size Outfits

While I do LOVE dressing up in cottage core – these days, I am in casual looks 99% of the time. I mostly work from home, and when I do go out, it’s for errands. For many folks, finding effortlessly chic casual style can be difficult, and I’m different. I created a “uniform formula” that anyone can replicate for chic, casual plus size outfits. 

I spent months of purging my wardrobe and creating multiple Pinterest boards for inspo. I finally landed on a formula that is super cute, chic and can be repeated by just about anyone with a few closet staples.

my fool-proof formula for Casual plus size outfits

Fashion is all about creativity and expression. But sometimes you just want to pull something out of your closet and know you’ll look good. So I have a simple formula for that I can throw on in 10 minutes and know I will look fabulous, no matter what errand I am running.

My formula is: Dark Neutral Base + Light Coordinated Outer Layer + Complete with Chic Accessories

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What is this formula?

“Formula” sounds more like math than fashion, but let me explain. Some of the most well-known people have a uniform: Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfield, Steve Jobs. Having a uniform can make you stand out or just quickly get dressed in the morning without having to think about it. Creating my formula was easy: I already stick to neutral colours, but finding the silhouette and combination was what I needed.

Here’s what I landed on:

  • A Dark Neutral Base Layer: I tend to stick to darker colours anyway (especially in the winter), but I can easily find a black or dark coloured top or dress for every season. For the winter, I usually go with a black rollneck top, or a sweater dress.
  • A Lighter, Coordinated Outer Layer: Whether it’s summer or winter time, I always tend to have some sort of outer layer; a blazer, a cardigan, a duster, a coat – I tend to always have something else in my ensembles that serve as an outer layer. In my formula, I am going with a lighter outer “layer” that doesn’t match the base layer, but coordinates well (the bonus here is that pretty much all of my wardrobe coordinates, so this is easy for me).
  • Let Your Accessories Do the Talking: Here is where I think my formula differs from others; I am a huge fan of accessories, like a mega accessory fan. I tend to wear a luxury purse or piece of jewelry (NOT necessary at all) and always keep a pair of oversized sunnies in my purse. I like to ensure I have on at least a pair of earrings and a nice bag. Since I have short hair, I also tend to wear a hair accessory.
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One note on this formula!

I am not terribly prescriptive, so I won’t say you have to absolutely follow this formula, but there are two notes I wanted to share before you give this a try:

What if I don’t like dresses? Perfectly normal! We’re probably ALL wearing less dresses these days and finally getting into more denim (I LOVE the Target Wild Fable High Rise Denim; they go up to a size 26W and are under $30). I like a looser, boyfriend cut, they tend to look a bit more chic (to ME) and I like the extra room. I also still love wearing my midi skirts; they really can de dressed up or down and work perfectly with my formula.

Can I wear a light base layer and a dark outer layer? Sure can! The contrast is what makes the outfit; so light/dark or dark/light, it really doesn’t matter the order you put your layers in 🙂

Give the formula a try! It has shaved tons of times off my “what do I wear?” conundrum and helped me figure out what I want to keep in my wardrobe, what to chuck and what to buy. 

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