Ten Daily Body Positivity Affirmations

Ten Body Positive Affirmations I Use Everyday in My Journey to Self-Love [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Wanna Feel better about your body? try daily short positive affirmations...But first: what are affirmations?

Ok ok, I admit, it’s not actually that easy, but body positive affirmations can be a great tool in your body positive toolbox. 


Well, first, let’s start with what affirmations even are. Affirmations “are really simple, short and powerful expressions (AKA thoughts). When you say, think, even hear them, they become thoughts that create reality.” Throughout the day, we have hundreds of thousands of thoughts. Many of these thoughts are about us and how people perceive us. Out of those thoughts, how many of them are good thoughts? That is what an affirmation is. I like to think of them as tools I can use whenever I have bad days, or just need a reminder of how amazing I am.

How can i use body positive affirmations in my life?

The theory behind affirmations is that the words evoke positive mental images in our minds. These images, in turn, have a positive effect on our attitudes, thoughts and beliefs. The key to making affirmations work is repetition. It’s like that old tip that says you have to do something for 30 days for it to become a habit. In the same vein, you can’t say your affirmations once and then expect to feel anything. That’s why these are daily affirmations – gotta keep at it everyday.

I tend to repeat my body positive affirmations a few times every morning. I also have a few of these written out on sticky notes and have them on my bathroom mirror and my laptop. Find places you’ll be a few times a day and post your affirmations there; it will be a reminder to say them often. The more you say them, the better.

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I'm afraid these confidence affirmations won't work - will they?

Sis, here’s the deal: will they hurt? No. And I am not goin to pretend that you’ll say these every day for a few weeks and all of your body image issues will go away…because that’s just not true (I wish haha). But here are some reasons to give affirmations a try:

  • Affirmations can be an easy way to practice self-care everyday and can be easily incorporated into your other self-care activities

  • There is actually science behind affirmations. Our brains have something called neuroplasticity, which is basically how our brains learn to change to adapt to their environment. Affirmations can help create the images in our brains that help us get to our goal (whatever that goal is)

  • It can’t hurt to hear some good things about yourself everyday, can it?

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Alright sis, I'm convinced - where is this list of positive affirmations?

I’m glad to hear it! I know it’s not easy to try something new or trust in something that may feel counterintuitive. But, please, just try 2-4 of these, everyday for 30 days and tell me how you feel. I can’t guarantee that all of you issues around body image will go away, but I truly feel that this is a small thing you can do for yourself everyday that can be a step in the right direction 🙂

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