Hey! My Name is Jess, I am a storyteller and content creator obsessed with fashion, health & body positivity

%Plus Size Clothing & Fashion%Plus Size Women
%Plus Size Clothing & Fashion%Plus Size Women

Jess is a published freelance writer, content strategist and plus size fashion and lifestyle content creator.

%Plus Size Clothing & Fashion%Plus Size Women

My story

I thought up A Neutral Life. way back when I was fresh in my career as a marketer and communications professional. I love plus size fashion and sharing with my tribe, so it was a natural fit.

Then I decided try my hand at writing…

I am a natural storyteller, so when I got the chance, I went for it. My work has been in national media like Teen VogueThe Curvy FashionistaHealth and Stylecaster, I tell stories about marginalized communities in fashion, health and culture. AND I LOVE IT. 

So my goals shifted, and I decided to REALLY do this…

I still blog (and content over on my Instagram), but I also LOVE telling stories, so I decided to really go for it!

So I joined my loves together and the rest is history…